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So, have you actually tried to run your games? Literally every game I own is not DX12, some were made for DX11, some for DX9, they all run perfectly fine on my computer which has DX12 installed. I think your issue is not DirectX, possibly something else is preventing your stuff from running? I think this is probably the ONLY thing that Microsoft didn't royally screw up with Windows 10, everything else about Windows 10 is absolute garbage On 8/6/2015 at 3:14 AM, ShadowCaptain said: Your games are not using DX12, BF4 is still a DX11 game and will be running on DX10, this seems to be a software or issue specific to your hardware, as most people are playing games just fine on W10. I've literally had no problems running on windows 7 DX12 also isn't the full norm yet either. It's required for games that use ray tracing features, and most first party Microsoft titles like Halo 5, Wars 2 and the Forza games on PC use DX12, but in nearly every game that has DX11 and DX12 modes, the DX11 mode almost always has a better performance. PlanetSide 2's API was DX9 for a long time, which means it never recieved any API optimizations since like 2010, and the API was causing code bottlenecks basically. DX10 was a big leap, and 11. Another way is to go to \Documents\Star Wars Battlefront II\settings, open BootOptions with a text editor, and change GstRender.EnableDx12 1 to GstRender.EnableDx12 0. Message 4 of 11 (36,767 Views) Reply. 7

DX11. If you implement DX11 for Outriders, you can fix certain micro-stutters which you can constantly face in certain hardware, especially on DX12. I am talking about specific hardware which causes such issues. If you are running an RTX rig, I highly recommend turning on DLSS and see if that improves performance. I personally do not face any such issue hence I cannot testify for this version. You should probably dial down the settings if you plan on playing Outriders on DX11. This has been. DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11- Low-level hardware abstraction The single biggest new feature of DirectX 12 is a change to the 3D graphics portion - called Direct3D - that will greatly increase the.. Der Unterschied ist, dass bei den meisten spielen mit DX12 der DX12 Modus schlecht programmiert ist, und tatsächlich neschlechtere Leistung liefert als DX11. Wenn es bei deinem Spiel so ist, stell.. How to play games that supports only DX12 on DX11/10/9 hardware Windows 10/8/7 - YouTube. How to play games that supports only DX12 on DX11/10/9 hardware Windows 10/8/7. Watch later. Share. Copy link DX12 is a lower level platform than DX11, so some of the tasks the graphics driver did for DX11 must be reimplemented by our developers for DX12. The Graphics card vendors had countless years of work-time to make their drivers perform well on DX11

you klick on confirm and start the game. the game will still be called Grid DirectX12 because the games name has DirectX12 in it but the game now runs natively in Direct X11.1. This fixed the crashing immediately for me and i have now even better performance (around 15% more FPS and a much more stable experience. I don't know to which extent LM have optimized VRAM usage in v5, but in any case it's clear that v5 works the GPU more than previous iterations and, as you say, with DX12 VRAM management has started to require the end user's attention a lot more. Older GPUs will also struggle with v5 depending on the settings and addons used and, AFAIK, many reports of VRAM issues come from those using older. An exciting DX12 leak just made its way to the web. The leak showcases the CPU performance and threading model of DX12 compared to DX11. Ever since Microsoft announced DirectX 12 back in March of. Change DX12 to DX11 and then save and exit the file. After this, Borderlands 3 should boot in DirectX 11 mode. For PC players who'd prefer not to have your eardrums busted by the 2K, Gearbox and AMD splash screens that play when Borderlands 3 is booted, you can follow our guide here to remove these splash screens from the game

The game developers keep releasing patches to improve the games and fix issues. Method 2: Update your graphics card driver. You may refer to this link. You can also manually download the driver from the manufacturer's website, and install it in your computer to update the graphics card driver Porting your engine to Vulkan® or DX12®. Posted on July 6, 2018. Adam Sawicki, a member of AMD RTG's Game Engineering team, has spent the best part of a year assisting one of the world's biggest game studios in porting one of their AAA games to Vulkan®. That kind of experience — embedded with the game developer and working hands-on in their. DX12 DX11 needs to be fixed NOW DX11 is a lot slower and only uses my GPU about 70% , it's jumping around. Massive, please fix DX12 so it doesn't crash ( I know this task you can't do as it has been like this since launch) if you can't at least fix the DX11 version of the game to utilize the card at 100% You can add the -dx12 command line to force the game into dx12 mode every time it launches. Nooby as I am, I have to ask: Where do you add this command line? right click on scum in your library, select properties. In the general tab select set launch options..., there you paste the -dx12 Many users were reporting many issues while trying to play Outriders game, it was not working for some, stuttering problem related to DirectX 11 or 12.We wil..

On DX11 the driver does farm off asynchronous tasks to driver worker threads where possible - this doesn't happen anymore under DX12 While the total cost of work submission in DX12 has been reduced, the amount of work measured on the application's thread may be larger due to the loss of driver threading I usually choose DX11/Open GL when given options. DX12 and Vulcan run better on AMD cards, I have an nVidia chip so it actually really puts me off from buying games that use them as dumb of a reason as it is. I don't want to buy a game that doesn't run at its best. JD3Nine. The Fallen. Nov 6, 2017 1,866 Texas, United States . Dec 12, 2017 #11 For now at least it seems like DX12 is kind of. its not officially supported so these things can happen. I recommend staying with DX11. Also despite are more staple/higher framerate, DX12 still has alot more stuttering going on. Personally I stay with DX11 Is this game better on DirectX 11 or 12? How to switch to DX11?Frame-rate comparison and Tutorial for you guys :DUltrawide test: https://youtu.be/ctB0K0lLSJ8.. Where and how to download and update DirectX. Updating DirectX 12, 11, 10, or 9 is easy and could improve game performance in Windows

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  1. DirectX 12 Deutsch: Für Windows 10 ist das Multimedia-Framework DirectX nun in der neuen Version 12 erschienen
  2. The shift from DX11 to DX12 is so performance-focused though, it's much harder to point to anything happening on your screen and say there - that's DirectX 12. Looking to buy a DirectX.
  3. In my experience: When it comes to DX11 vs DX12 improvements in other games, the difference is often a smoother performance. Not necessarily a lot more FPS, but better frame times, less stuttering and less workload on the CPU and more on the GPU. G-Sync seems to work a lot better on DX12 as well. Edited March 9 by Republic3
  4. DirectX 12. Mit DirectX 12 (DX12) können Entwickler Microsoft Windows-basierten PC-Spielen erstaunliche Grafikeffekte hinzufügen. GeForce-Grafikkarten bieten fortschrittliche DX12-Funktionen wie Raytracing und Variable Rate Shading und erwecken Spiele mit ultrarealistischen visuellen Effekten und besonders hohen Framerates zum Leben
  5. I was fiddling with the graphic settings in-game last night and hit the dx12 slider which tanked my game. As I tried to get back in I would get stuck at the first splash screen with Rey, Darth Maul, and Iden... which was actually my computer freezing which it's done since. So far I've uninstalled an..
  6. istrator to grant elevated privileges. Then follow up with the on-screen prompts to make sure you all your DirectX 9.0c files are intact

The end result is CPU overhead reduction in DX12 by half compared to DX11. Which means Microsoft has essentially doubled CPU performance across four threads while running DX12 compared to DX11. I.. DX12 constantly crashing, game auto swtiches to DX11 Adlian-twisting-nether (Adlian) July 7, 2019, 11:05am #1 Since 8.1.5 im noticing random crashes when the game is running in DX12. Once the game crash, my screen turns black for a second and then the game is launched again but running in DX11 Vulkan would do away with all the drawcalls issues that keep plaguing even many DX11 games, so moving to DX11 I think would be short lived trip, imo. DX12 would mean only Win10 and that would be quite few customers no longer able to play, Linux, SteamOS etc. are used in many computers, so even if there are no actual support to those operating systems, having DX12 would completely block game from running, while Vulkan would not block

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  1. I don't know to which extent LM have optimized VRAM usage in v5, but in any case it's clear that v5 works the GPU more than previous iterations and, as you say, with DX12 VRAM management has started to require the end user's attention a lot more. Older GPUs will also struggle with v5 depending on the settings and addons used and, AFAIK, many reports of VRAM issues come from those using older GPUs which is not surprising. With P3D adopting a more contemporary state through DX12 similar to.
  2. DX12 will provide a benefit wherever you are CPU-bottlenecked in DX11, which is typically yards or main stations, because it offloads some of the draw call overhead to the GPU. This means that performance for people who have more powerful GPUs than they do CPUs can see some performance uplift in areas that had previously been bottlenecked by their CPU. However if your GPU is pegged at 95+% utilisation in DX11 all the time, you won't see any noticeable benefit
  3. imum playable). if we're talking anywhere over about 80fps, the extra FPS is imho not worth the tradeoof for extra visual fidelity and I'd take the performance hit and go with dx12
  4. Honestly, DX12 would alienate so many people, including myself, that it would not be a good business decision. We really shouldn't need DX12 just to run this game well. DiRT3 uses DX11 and it's very well optimized, full ultra 8xmsaa at 4k and I still get more than 60fps. The real problem is torque3d, it's very inefficient and lacks many features needed to make the game look better and run better
  5. For me DX11 offers about 20 or so more FPS and no stutter, while DX12 stutters and seems to have much less FPS. This is with all settings maxed and identical. Interestingly enough, DX11 maxes out..

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AMD hatte nur derbe Probleme mit DX11, die durch DX12 ausgeglichen werden. Der Grund warum NV unter DX12 nicht gewinnt, ist schlicht und ergreifend die Tatsache, dass NV unter DX11 einfach gut.. - If a DX11 file used by the game has been corrupted (possibly by the game when it reinstalled DX ) it would not have been fixed by the DX Web Installer. For this you need to either run the DXSETUP.exe from the _Installer\directx\redist folder, or download the. DirectX Redist (June 2010) installer package

BF5 is actually faster and smoother in DX12 now after several driver and game updates. BL3 is still a bit slower in DX12 compared to DX11, but only in GPU limited areas. In CPU limited areas, DX12.. DX12 entlastet den Prozessor enorm und ist daher fast immer performanter als DX11. Ashes of the Singularity: DirectX 12 & Vulkan: Die Low-Level-APIs verhelfen sowohl zu besserer CPU- als auch GPU.

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The R9 Fury X for example is slower than a GTX 970 under DX11, which is absurd. Even with DX12, the GTX 980 Ti is still about 15 percent faster than the Fury X, though 1080p has never been Fiji's.. NVIDIA unterstützt die DX12 API auf allen GeForce GPUs der DX11-Klasse, die von NVIDIA ausgeliefert worden; diese gehören den Architekturfamilien Fermi, Kepler und Maxwell an. Beim Start wird DirectX 12 von allen Maxwell- und Kepler-GPUs unterstützt. Fermi wird später in diesem Jahr DX12-Unterstützung erhalten (voraussichtlich um die erste DX12-Welle herum). Maxwell- und Kepler-GPUs. when I play f1 2020 on pc during 30 second after that its crashed. I try to start game with dx12 but its not working. and more ı want to start game with dx11 its working but after seconds it will crash. what is this caused by DX11 OR DX 12 PLEASE HELP M G3258 Performance - A 10x Improvement with Dx12. The G3258 equipped with an R9 290X was able to produce 727,110 draw calls per second using the current-issue Dx11, which pales in comparison to.

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DirectX 12 (DX12) enables developers to add amazing graphics effects to Microsoft Windows-based PC games. GeForce graphics cards deliver advanced DX12 features such as ray tracing and variable rate shading, bringing games to life with ultra-realistic visual effects and faster frame rates Upgrading to a more modern rendering API like DX11 will help us make bigger changes and improvements to performance and rendering in the future. Right now, testing DX11 is optional but we'd like to ask for everyone's help. While we've had multiple rounds of internal testing, it can be difficult to find everything since we're limited to the hardware that we or our partners have access to. By opening it up to players we'll have a much broader understanding of how DX11 will impact. « NVIDIA Unreal Engine 4 Plugin Brings DLSS To More Games · Auto HDR coming to Windows 10 PC for DX11 and DX12 games · Intel Z590 ROG MAXIMUS XIII Extreme Glacial Available In April » 3 pages.

In DX12 mode, the performance is more than playable, and you should have a pleasant gaming experience. If you need to back down to DX11 for some reason, that mode is also good and far superior to. Microsoft DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) for handling tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming and video, on Microsoft platforms. Originally, the names of these APIs all began with Direct, such as Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectSound, and so forth.The name DirectX was coined as a shorthand term for all of these APIs. So im standing in Drustvar with setting set on 7.DX11 gives me 110 fps while DX12 only 60.Isnt DX12 suppose to increasae FPS and help WoW run on multiple cores Borderlands 3 performance: DX12 vs DX11. All of the results so far were using the game's stable DX11 (or DirectX 11) mode. However, the game also has support for DX12, albeit in a so-called 'beta' version right now. If you've tried running the game in DX12, you've probably been greeted by a five-minute load loading screen running at what looks to be a single digit frame rate (or just a single.

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Try both see what gives you the better FPS. I bet DX11 will as DX12 is not mature especially with the game makers. Dice probably tweeked DX11 the most since it will support all of their PC customers while DX12 will only support Windows 10 users. 0. claorairsniper. 36 posts Member, Battlefield 4, Battlefield, Battlefield 1, BF1IncursionsAlpha Member. October 19, 2016 6:29AM. dx11 wrks best for. dx12 OFC better, but dx11 fps are much higher blur is when I turn my camera blurs the picture, what sort of in reality at the sharp turn of the head. 901 36. A. Alex Hawk 23.09.19. silent322 Understood. Thank you. Yes, just strange to him the location was on the menu and lots of options. You never know. Suddenly called crooked. Decided to clarify. 901 36. k. kukava_d 23.09.19. silent322 What. DX12 allows the game developer to get deeper into the nitty gritty (closer to the metal they call it) so they should be able to support multiple GPUs independently from the driver/GPU maker. I only read it very quickly (so may be wrong!) but reading the recent tomshardware article about multi-GPU support it sounds like at the moment Ashes will in essence be running similar to dx11 versions. Benchmarks: 1080p & 1440p. Testing at 1080p using the highest quality in-game settings along with 4xMSAA, the GTX 980 Ti is still able to just edge out the Fury X in both the DX11 and DX12 modes

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  1. Calle Lejdfors (Ubisoft): Yes, we are still very much supporting DX12 and in TCTD2, DX12 performance over DX11 should be even better. This is in large part due to us making better use of Async..
  2. DirectX: DX11 / DX12. RAM: 16 GB. Additional Features: Widescreen support 21:9 / Remappable controls / Uncapped frame-rate / G-Sync / Freesync support. During E3 2019, Alessio had the chance to.
  3. Dx11 feature is required to run this engine: Gutentag Ich bekam einen Computer und brachte es zum Mechaniker, der hat alles gelöscht und den Computer neu starten lassen.Es ist ein Windows 10 pro Ich habe dann einen spiel heruntergeladen Fortnite Und wenn ich dieses Spiel öffne dann öffnet es mir eine Seite, und auf dieser Seite steht..
  4. If we're talking averages, DX11 gives us 47fps overall across this test, compared to 39fps on DX12. It's not as big a jump forward as we saw on the GTX 970, but still, that's a 20 per cent.
  5. Jahrelang hat AMD bei DX11 und FHD Probleme mit der Leistungsentfaltung gehabt. Mit DX12 können die Karten ihre Leistung besser ausspielen. Nvidia hatte dieses Problem nicht und legt deswegen unter DX12 nicht wirklich zu, verliert aber auch nicht Leistung ohne Ende. Im Endeffekt holen die grossen (Fury/290/390) AMD Karten auf
  6. dest 2 mal gemacht. Die Ergebnisse sind die gleichen, +- ein paar Micros. Die Einstellung war immer und jeweils auf Standard Hoch/1080p und 60 HZ.
  7. imieren und wieder maximieren, es geht dann anschließend zu. Kurzum, DX12 ist hier gerade zu

However the opposite has been hinted when testing upcoming DX12 titles. Despite the fact that Maxwell based GPUs are being advertised as fully DirectX 12 compliant this might not be entirely the case Still, the DX11 path was as fast as the DX12 one, even though our GPU was underused in DX11. This may show the incredible job that NVIDIA has done with its drivers regarding the DX11 API Given how badly DX11 performance tanked for lots of people after 8.1 (I saw halved framerate and tons of microstutter) I'd guessed the changes they made to support DX12 multipath rendering unintentionally broke something in the DX11 one. They had been radio silent to the feedback. I guess this is the response. Comment by Drakknfyr

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Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, has had some interesting things to say about DirectX 12, and in a recent test he compared DX12 to its predecessor, DX11, on a high-end system with an unreleased GPU List of DirectX 12 and DirectX 11 Compatible Video Cards. This is the NEW list of all currently available graphics cards that are DirectX 12 and DirectX 11 capable, along with links to product details for each, courtesy of Amazon. Revision 20 of this list is current as of November 2015. The list contains GPUs that span every possible price point. They slapped DX12 on so it looked like they gave a shit about updating any part of their dinosaur engine. The reality is that they've done zero work on actually making it work other than removing true fullscreen mode. It runs worse than DX11 in every situation. BfA is no better than Legion in regards to performance and optimization. It still. Multi threads (16 threads, each thread draws 1,000) 16,000 draw calls per frame. DX11 1056 fps DX12 1440 fps DX12 (using bundle) 1456 fps 136% to 235% faster. It can be said it's WAY faster DX12 is harder to use and most studios will still prioritize DX11 because that allows them to target the Win7 userbase as well. The general rule right now is that even when DX12 is good,it mostly..

Gamerant previously shared steps for how to revert back to DX11 from DX12: On a Windows PC, go to Documents > My Games > Borderlands 3 > Saved > Config > WindowsNoEditor In WindowsNoEditor, open the file titled GameUserSettings. (Right-click the file and open with Notepad) In Notepad, find the line. For PC on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled New PC Gamer: Difference between DX11 and DX12? I started working on a port from dx11 to dx12. The first thing, was to setup everything to work with Dx11On12. Right now I've got that done. Basically, the render frame goes as follows: D3D12Prepare (); // setups the command list and command allocators (as well as basic clear and set render targets) GetWrappedResources (); // Dx11on12 step to. ich musste auf DX12 gehen weil keine 120fps erzielt werden konnten unter DX11, trotz 2080ti OC auf 2100 und 8700k auf 4.9Ghz. Erst unter DX12 kann ich die 120hz permanent halten und hatte in den 40 Stunden lediglich dann einen stocker, wenn entweder die Map geladen wurde oder ich von einem SMG auf einen Rocket Launcher gewechselt habe

If DX12 causes stuttering across brands, I'd ignore it. Case in point, and sorry to drag it up, but my crossfire 7979 set-up from way back gave blistering FPS in some titles but a noticeably poor, stuttering performance. High FPS is only half the story, it's a worthless metric if the actual 'experience' is sub-par 2. Make sure the editor is running DX12 3. Hit play, then stop 4. Change back to DX11 5. Crash. Tested in 5.3.0B6 - Does not crash, however near complete loss of editor does occur. You are able to save the scene still however. Tested in 5.2.2f1 - Same result as 5. DirectX 11 Deutsch: Die Multimedia-Komponente DirectX 11 zum kostenlosen Download

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  1. Holger Gruen, posted Sep 22 2015. If you have started developing or porting games that use DX12, you have probably realized that it is, in many ways a very different beast when compared to DX11. Lots of responsibility is suddenly being placed on your shoulders
  2. DX11 could rival Mantle During GDC and after the DX12 reveal, we sat down with NVIDIA's Tony Tamasi to talk about how DX11 can rival Mantle with efficiency improvements. The big story at GDC last..
  3. 图1 大家好,笔者在之前的epic免费领取《文明6》的时候白嫖了一波,然后之前也出过文明6的帧数测试(bv1m5411w7sy),这次对比的是《文明6》在dx11与dx12中的帧数差别。 笔者分别在dx11与dx12的模式下跑了 中、高、极高、双极高,四个画质的标准测试,接下直接上图(由于笔者的5700的驱动跑dx12高画质.
  4. DirectX® 12 Ultimate ist das robusteste DirectX® Funktionspaket, das Microsoft je veröffentlicht hat und wird auf AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Grafikkarten voll unterstützt. DX12® Ultimate gibt Spieleentwicklern die Möglichkeit, atemberaubende Grafikeffekte in Echtzeit mit DirectX® Raytracing (DXR), Variable Rate Shading (VRS), Mesh Shaders und Sampler.

If he means DX12 vs DX11 games in GENERAL, then you'll have game settings. If the card doesn't support any DX12 features the DX12 options will be greyed out A major difference between the two APIs is that DX12 is more low-level than DX11, meaning that DX12 gives developers more fine-grained control of how their game interacts with your CPU and GPU. This is a double-edged sword: DX12 comes with fewer guardrails but gives developers more power and flexibility When I run the dx12 executable in the steamapps folder I get two instances of AotS running, one dx11, one dx12. The dx12 version fails to connect to steam and thus multiplayer does not work. Yes true bether run from Steam at the moment

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DX11 is faster than DX12 in most cases and will be for the foreseeable future. Many studios have looked into porting from DX12 and it has caused many to NOT want to port yet. They are waiting for maturity and with Vulkan out there they don't necessarily have to use DX12. Most companies are either waiting or if they are developing for either, it's taking forever. It is no easy task to rewrite. Hitman allows you to toggle between DX11 and DX12. DX11 runs just fine, no problems at all. With DX12 I crash regularly 2-3x an hour, when I alt-tab (in or out) the game window stutters for a second or two and just a small little bunch of annoying things like that the issue is that almost all current DX12 titles are tied to the Windows 10 Store.. If you can't change the GameUserSettings.ini file to switch DX12 to DX11 because it's empty (which was wat I had because the game crashed before the file was filled up with settings), there is another way to force DX11 if DX12 doesn't work.. In the Epic launcher, go to Setting (on the bottom left, under Downloads) and scroll all the way down to Borderlands 3 In Settings, lower DX12 to DX11 Some games (currently) run much, much slower in DX12. Disable SLI; Download the latest Nvidia / AMD Drivers. Get Nvidia Drivers here. Get AMD Drivers here. If the. On the newer GeForce GTX 1060, the performance jumps from 39.5FPS on DX12, to 47.5FPS on DX11. It's far away from 60FPS, but details can be adjusted on DX11 on a mid-range card like the GTX 1060.

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Grafik DX11/DX12? Gibt es bei Rise of the Tomb Raider irgendwelche Grafikunterschiede (wie bei Shadow of the Tomb Raider), wenn man DX12 benutzt oder ändert das nur die rendering API, ohne etwas an der Grafik zu ändern if it's done press Windows+R and type dxcpl. if you are in the direct x control panel klick in the Direct 3D 10/11/12 List on Edit List. there you klick on the 3 dots and go chose both .exe (Grid.exe and Grid_dx12.exe) both paths should be visible in the List of processes and folders now. Press OK New Functionality - DX12 & DX11 In addition, the DX12 release of DirectX will introduce a number of new features supported by Maxwell for graphics rendering. Microsoft disclosed some of these features at GDC and during NVIDIA's Editor's Day conference. Conservative Raster is one of these features. Useful in algorithms from voxelization to memory allocation and occlusion culling. Maximum scaling wins of DX12 mGPU over DX11 mGPU: The data shows that DX11 scaling does exist but at both 1080 and 1440, DX12 achieves better scaling than DX11. Not only does DX12 have an extremely good maximum scaling factor win over DX11, it also shows that the minimum scaling factor is also above the DX11 minimum scaling factor As we wrote back then, DX12 failed to impress as a new API. Most of the DX12 versions of 2016's PC games were running slower than their DX11 counterparts, something that really surprised us.

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  1. Change 'DX12' to DX11' Save; That should revert Borderlands 3 back to the DX11 API and ensure you don't run into any instability, vastly extended load times, or crashes. Get involved in.
  2. The problem is the most recent Windows and nvidia updates, the drivers cause Flickering in dx12 to fix this roll back the nvidia driver or keep the current driver and change your settings to run dx11 or turn on vsync in dx12. I'm using dx11 as for some reason my Windows acts up with the previous versions of nvidias drivers now since the most.
  3. d that I inform you of the following: Microsoft has ported DirectX 12 to.

WoW: Battle for Azeroth im Test: DX11 gegen DX12 und AMD gegen NVIDIA. 13. September 2018 05:00. Yannick Guerrini. CPU-, RAM- und Grafikspeicher-Auslastung . Nun schauen wir uns an, wie World of Warcraft und die neueste Version der zum Einsatz kommenden 3D-Engine die ihr zur Verfügung stehenden CPU-Ressourcen verwaltet. Die minimale Konfiguration erfordert einen Quad-Core-Prozessor, so dass. Turning DX12 into something similar to DX11 or OGL to learn DX12 - XeroKimo/High-Level-DX12 Similar Threads - DX11 DX12 . Searching for dx11 implementation of connected component labeling. le_tmp, Apr 13, 2015, in forum: Rendering Technology and APIs. Replies: 0 Views: 717. le_tmp Apr 13, 2015. DX11 / AVX2 volume rendering. Voxilla. dx12; dx12. Why You Can't Future-Proof Your Gaming PC January 15, 2021 World of Warcraft added DirectX 12 support last week — we take the new API out for a spin and compare it to DX11. Rise of the Tomb Raider DX11 vs. DX12 Review - Rise of the Tomb Raider has recently received a new patch which adds DX12 API support, in addition the patch adds NVIDIA VXAO Ambient Occlusion technology, however just under DX11. In this evaluation we will find out if DX12 is beneficial to the gameplay experience currently and how it impacts certain GPUs

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Fazit: Battlefield 1 - Systemvoraussetzungen, Performance, DX12 vs. DX11 und Grafi DirectX 12 im Detail - Was macht DX12 besser? DirectX 12 soll im Vergleich zu DirectX 11 Multi-Core-CPUs und Grafikkarten viel effizienter nutzen und so mehr Leistung aus der gleichen Hardware holen Standardstart ist immer DX11 - erst wenn man CIV6 in der Steam-Bibliothek mit rechts anklickt, erscheint die DX12-Variante als Startoption. Einfacher ist es in der Tat, eine Verknüpfung der CIV6 DX12.exe auf den Desktop zu packen und dann darüber zu starten. Win 10x64 Pro, 16GB RAM, Palit GTX 780, Xeon E-1240 V2, MSI Z77A-G45 Gaming, Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB, Sound Blaster Zxr. 20. November.

Microsoft's DirectX 12 API Supports AMD GCN , NVIDIA FermiMSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X review - DX11: 3DMarkControl - Minimum and Recommended Specs For PC

DX12 - 78.55 average, 62.36 99th percentile Turn Time - 12.60 SLI/Multi-GPU DX11 - 117.44 average, 92.28 99th percentile Turn Time - 12.17 DX12 - 94.05 average, 75.17 99th percentile Turn Time - 12.57 DX12 is clearly inferior for Nvidia 1080ti GPU's, especially when running in SLI from my testing. System specs: Win 10 Pro 64 I7 8700K oc'd to 5GH DX11 cards will vary in support for DX12 features but most will support DX12 in some way, you have to remember that DX12 is what DX11 should have been if card manufaturers were ready for it - they. Während in DX11 50FPS erreicht werden, bricht die Karte mit DX12 auf unspielbare 20FPS ein. Schön das die CPU entlastet wird aber nützt einem nichts wenn die FPS in Einbrechen Darüberhinaus stürtz das Spiel oft ab mit DX12 Interessant wären auch mal andere ältere Karten HD7970, HD7870, R9 290, Gefoce 980 us DX11 Avg: 59.103 - Min: 49 - Max: 80 DX12 Avg: 59.641 - Min: 49 - Max: 78 1280x720 DX11 Avg: 76.913 - Min: 53 - Max: 125 DX12 Avg: 84.331 - Min: 70 - Max: 126 CPU bottleneck scene screenshot at same place DX11 58.6Fps. DX12 77fps. Under dx12 there is 31% FPS increase on test screenshot.But if you have good CPU DX12 is pointless. Click to expand... Last edited: Mar 17, 2016. ShintaiDK Lifer.

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